My French Chicken Pot Pie

My French Chicken Pot Pie

Ok, I love this country for so many reasons... One being the fact that my friend told me I could buy pie crust--pre made and it is awesome.... wow, what a country!  So, I had left over chicken AND frozen veggies from the chicken Strata and I have realized that maybe THIS is in fact HOW chicken pot pie was invented--like the casserole.... use up the stuff, baby. The best thing is that there will be leftovers for small amounts of people OR if you have a big crowd, this will serve a lot.

This recipe is very versatile -- in fact... there is no EXACT formula... typically, for two American pies, I used two boneless chicken breast, two cans of peas, two cans of carrots (maybe the equivalent of one frozen bag of that type of veggie) and mix it with the sauce and voila.  I also double the medium thick white sauce recipe for chicken (see below).  Now you can adjust to taste--if you like more chicken or like me are trying to use up chicken, throw in more or if you have less, add less and it will be savored.

If you don't live in France or another fabulous country who has good ready made crust, here is a bonafide recipe for your own.  It is easy to make--use the double pie crust and just roll it out all together if you only have a casserole dish.


If you don't read French, this is spring veggies, which apparently includes fingerling potatoes... in the U.S. trés gourmet, but very normal here!


Yes, I have one casserole dish here.... same one I used for the chicken strata!


Sarah told me you can buy savory OR sweet crusts, so I picked the one which looked like it could be savory... I wish I could say my French is this good...


I am including the basic white sauce from my African cook book...It is the best.  I doubled and it worked with this broth I bought at the store... I was looking for chicken, but could not find and so, I think the vegetable will work.  It was thick, to my surprise, but which was good for the sauce.  I chose the medium white sauce... see just make your roux and then add the broth before the milk and voila!

I forgot I love French

I forgot I love French

Routine reduces cross cultural stress

Routine reduces cross cultural stress